Popular Services

Interactive Voice Response Service

The Interactive Voice Response Service works 24 hours a day.

IVR Service Line

IVR Service Line: 4066-0000.
Miaoli areas: 4266-0000.
Taitung and Kinmen areas: 4666-0000.
Matsu areas and mobile phones: 02-4066-0000.
International Calls:+886-2-4066-0000

* The above numbers are non-toll-free numbers, and charges are based on regular domestic and cell phone rates.

Services Information

  • Booking tickets.
  • Checking reservations.
  • Canceling reservations.
  • Fares and Timetable Search.
  • Reserving accessible seats (put through to the Customs Service).

Ticketing and Notice

Period opens for booking

  • The system provides reservation for the train which departure date is no more than twenty-eight days later. Nevertheless, on the travel day, the on-line reservation is only applicable to the train which departure time is no less than one hour before train departure. (If the opening hours need to be adjusted due to force majeure, THSR will make additional announcements.)

Note: Reservations of Accessible Seats shall refer to Ticketing regulations.

Ticket Types and Numbers

  • The service provides reservations of reserved seats, including Adult Tickets, Child Tickets, Senior Tickets and Disabled Tickets.
  • A maximum of 10 tickets permitted for each booking, for return tickets, a maximum of 5 tickets can be booked at a time.
  • Note:
    1. Senior or Disabled Tickets can be purchased only by the passengers having ID Cards of R.O. C.
    2. Reservations of Group Tickets or Accessible Seats shall refer to the ticketing regulations.



  • The system does not provide payment services. After completing the reservation, please make payments through online booking service or T Express before the deadline. Payments and collections of tickets can also be done at the stations and the partnered convenience stores (Senior Tickets and Disabled Tickets reserved via IVR should be collected at the station ticket window). Reservations will not be kept if passengers do not make payments before the deadline.
  • Payment Terms:
    1. For departure three days after booking, the payment should be made within three days of booking.
    2. For departure within three days of booking, the latest payment should be made one day before departure.
    3. For same-day booking, the payment should be made at least 30 minutes before departure.

Notice of Collecting Tickets

  • The system does not provide services for collecting tickets. Passengers could collect tickets via the station ticket window, tickets vending machines, the partnered convenience stores or T Express App. Reservation record includes senior or disabled tickets should limited to be collected from the station ticket sales window. Please present relevant documents such as ID cards or the disability handbook when collecting tickets.
  • Please take note of the passenger's departure time and complete the ticket collection procedure in advance. If passengers are unable to collect the ticket on time and miss the originally booked train, no refunds will be given.
  • Note: Please refer to the website instructions to collect tickets from our partnering convenience stores or through T Express.


The system does not provide services for changing reservations. Passengers can use Online Booking system or T Express to change the reservation or to reduce the numbers of reserved tickets.


  • Passengers can cancel the reservation via the service before payment.
  • Passengers who have made payments but have not collected the tickets can cancel the tickets via the Online Booking system, T Express, the station ticket sales window at least 30 minutes before departure. ( a handling charge of NT$20 per ticket)

ID Card Number Code

Enter your ID Card number that contains 11 characters, including two codes that represent the English letter.

ID Card Number Code Mapping
A: 01 K: 11 U: 21
B: 02 L: 12 V: 22
C: 03 M: 13 W: 23
D: 04 N: 14 X: 24
E: 05 O: 15 Y: 25
F: 06 P: 16 Z: 26
G: 07 Q: 17    
H: 08 R: 18    
I: 09 S: 19    
J: 10 T: 20    

Station Code

Station Code
Nangang 01 Taichung 07
Taipei 02 Changhua 08
Banqiao 03 Yunlin 09
Taoyuan 04 Chiayi 10
Hsinchu 05 Tainan 11
Miaoli 06 Zuoying 12