There is no best in corporate governance, only the better, and just with continuous improvement and enrichment can enlarge the space for quality and quantity.

We continue to practice hard, so that our vision of "To be the platform for advancement and enjoyment" can be extended from the inside out.


Corporation Governance Evaluation

We have been ranked among the top 5% of publicly listed companies by the TWSE Corporate Governance Evaluations for 4 consecutive years.

Corporation Governance Verification

We were awarded as a "Platinum" certification by the Taiwan Corporate Governance Association under the CG6012 (2019) Corporate Governance System Assessment.

Taiwan ESG Index

We were listed as constituent the FTSE4Good TIP Taiwan ESG Index

Excellent Economy

We obtained the upgrade to the highest credit rating of twAAA from Taiwan Ratings Corp.

Innovation Technology

We were awarded 「Excellent Innovation Corporation Award」at「National Industrial Innovation Award」hosted by Ministry of Economic Affairs, R.O.C. and 「Corporation Team Award」at「Technology Management Award」hosted by Chinese Society for Management of Technology.

Corporate Sustainability

We were awarded the 「Corporate Sustainability Report Golden Award」 at the 2021 14th Taiwan Corporate Sustainability Awards hosted by the Taiwan Institute for Sustainable Energy.