Spirit and Sustainability Mission

The THSRC promises to take the Five Core Values of


as the motto of enterprise operations, adhering to the belief of "Go Extra Mile" (with the intention of doing things better) continuously improving transportation safety and service quality, giving passengers a better service experience, and promising the vision and mission of sustainable operation, and looking forward to a faster and better future with the public.


The THSRC actively responds to the concerns of different stakeholders on sustainability issues and plans for the future sustainability strategy of THSRC in response to the development trend of international sustainability issues. The sustainability issues of THSRC can be divided into three major aspects of environment, society and governance: In the environmental aspect, high-speed rail trains have low carbon, low air pollution, high energy efficiency features, and also strengthen the environmental management around the operation route and add renewable energy devices at maintenance depots and major stations to mitigate the environmental impact during the operation process. In the social aspect, we attach importance to the safety and health of employees' working environment and career development, and not only cooperate with the local industry to help the development of the domestic rail transportation industry, but also combine the core industry to invest in caring actions to promote social integration. In the governance aspect, THSR abide by laws and regulations to create maximum value for stakeholders. With the principle of safety, THSR continuously leverages innovative technology to provide fast and convenient transportation services and improves travel quality and customer satisfaction. Therefore, the continuous use of innovative technology to provide fast and convenient transportation services, and continuously improve the quality of transportation and customer satisfaction.

As Taiwan's first listed company in the railway transportation industry, the THSRC was favored by the FTSE Social Responsibility Emerging Market Index in 2018 and was continuously selected a constituent stock of the "FTSE4Good TIP Taiwan ESG Index" from 2018 to 2022. Moreover, it has been ranked in the top 5% of listed companies in the "Corporate Governance Assessment" for five consecutive years. It can be seen that high-speed rail companies have implemented E(environment), S (society) and G (corporate governance), which has been affirmed by all walks of life. In addition, THSRC has become one of the world's leading sustainable companies and was first selected as one of the “Global 100 ranking of the world's most sustainable companies” by Corporate Knights, a Canadian sustainability assessment agency, and was selected as the ninth sustainable company in the world, and the best performing Asian company in this list.

We also continued to participate in the 15th Taiwan Corporate Sustainability Award (TCSA), hosted by the Taiwan Sustainable Energy Research Foundation, won the Platinum Award of the Corporate Sustainability Reporting Award in 2022, and won the Outstanding Corporate Category, Best Popular Brand Category, and Best Product Category - First Prize of the 19th National Brand Yushan Award in the same year. The project shows the results of THSRC in terms of operational performance, corporate governance, environment and social care, which have been recognized by domestic and foreign investors and rating agencies.