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Terms and User Agreement

Please read this Term of Use Agreement (hereinafter referred as to the "Agreement") carefully before you use this website (hereinafter referred as to the "Site").

By using this website, you have agreed and accept the provision of the Agreement. If you don't agree with any portion of this Agreement, please do not use this Site.

Ownership of Copyrights and Trademarks

The term "THSRC" used in this Agreement refers to the Taiwan High Speed Rail Corporation, the owner of this website. The organization, compilation, arrangement and assembly of the materials of this Site are copyrighted to the THRSC. And the trademarks, logos, and service marks displayed on the Site (collectively the "Trademark") are registered and unregistered Trademarks of THRSC and other Trademark owners and are protected by the Trademarks Law of Republic of China and other related international laws and agreements. Nothing contained on this Site shall be construed as granting, by implication, estoppel or otherwise, any license or right to use any Trademark without the expressed written permission of THSRC or third party owners of such Trademarks.

Online Reservations or Purchases

Multiple-reservation is strictly prohibited at this Site. If such reservation made by you shall incur any loss or damage to THSRC, you agree to be entirely responsible for the foresaid losses or damages.

THSRC may deny your reservation or purchase for any reason, and shall not be responsible for any loss, damage, or compensation incurs from such denial. Under this circumstance, THSRC 's liability is limited to the amount of the purchase price or the partial value of the service/product that has not been used.

You hereby confirm that the information provided herein is accurate, latest, complete, and genuine. To protect the legitimate rights and interests of you or other third parties, you shall understand the provision of false, misleading, or incomplete information that causes THSRC any loss, damage, or any kind of expense, THSRC may adopt all necessary measures, such as refusing to provide service, or terminating the Passenger Transportation Contract. You should bear the relevant legal responsibilities.

Pricing & Payments

All prices listed on this Site DO NOT include any tax or other charges, which also DO NOT include any further fine, charge or interest results from your failure to perform any legal obligation under this Agreement. You are also responsible for any payment that you are obligated to pay in accordance with this Agreement.

Change/Cancel of Reservation/Purchasing

It may require a certain amount of time to process your reservation/purchase. And THSRC reserves the right to deny your reservation or purchase for any reason. You agree to be responsible for any possible charges incurred from the change/cancellation once your change/cancellation is accepted by THSRC.

Legal Capacity

PLEASE NOTE that when you are making a promise to purchase or make reservation at this Site, you are legally obligated to complete the transactions you made at this Site and you shall be legally responsible for your online purchase/reservation activities. You should also be responsible for maintaining the confidentiality of the information you provided to this Site. You agree and guarantee that you are in full legal capacity to buy, make reservations and conduct other legal activities at this Site, and warrant that you can be legally bound by the legal obligation incurred from this Site. You also agree to be financially responsible for your own or the other's use of your information at this Site. If you lack of legal capacity, please DO NOT use the purchase/reservation functions of this Site.

If the product/service you purchased from this Site cannot be completely delivered on time, THSRC is not liable for any loss, damage, or compensation incurs from such delay or incompletion.Back to Top


This Site may contain links to other websites which are not maintained by THSRC and which are provided solely for your convenience to access such websites. THSRC does not (whether expressed or implied) endorse any of the contents of such other websites. Like wise, other websites may also link to this Site. Any third party that wishes to establish links toward this site shall obtain a prior written consent from THSRC to do so.

Governing Laws and Jurisdiction

Shall there be any disputes arising from or in connection with the performance or execution of the terms of this Agreement, such disputes shall be governed by the laws of the Republic of China. You agree that the Taiwan Taipei District Court shall have the exclusive jurisdiction over all questions and controversies arising out of or in connection with the performance or execution of this Agreement.


Without further notice, the THSRC may make changes at this Site, in part or in whole, including goods or services listed on this Site. Your continuing of use of this Site should be in compliance with the modified terms and condition.


The headings being used in this Agreement are for your reading's convenience only, and shall not limit or otherwise affect the terms and conditions herein.