Organization Structure

Main operational scope and duties of each department/unit

Secretariat Division of the Board of Directors

Established under the Board of Directors, the Secretariat Division provides relevant resources or assistance for the Board of Directors and its committees to perform their duties in order to facilitate the smooth operation of the Corporation's corporate governance system.

Corporate Audit Office

Plans and implements annual audit plans and issues audit reports in accordance with the “Internal Audit Procedures” and related laws and regulations, and executes project audits according to the instructions of the Board of Directors or Board-authorized personnel.

Corporate Planning Division

Responsible for the overall operation of the company, corporate governance, international affairs, important case business, industry-academia culture and implementation and responsibility, business performance control management, cooperation strategy, business specific planning, social strategy integration risk and tracking analysis.

Legal Office

Provides legal advice and legal counseling for all types of Corporation business; records, classifies, stores, disseminates, and updates relevant legal documents; assists in the planning, promotion, and execution of corporate governance systems and corporate governance evaluations; handles application, maintenance, protection, and authorized use of intellectual property rights; reviews formulation and revision of Corporation contracts and contract templates; establishes and promotes legal compliance system; plans and coordinates the handling of engineering, operation, and asset insurance, claims, or third-party claims cases; provides counseling on matters relating to Corporation insurance; and reviews insurance contract clauses and insurance policies.

Public Affairs Division

Builds internal and external stakeholders communication channels to communicate accurate corporate messages; plans and implements corporate image projects, major milestones, ceremonies, and charity events.

Quality Assurance Office

Responsible for planning and management of the Corporation's quality management system in accordance with the requirements of international quality management system ISO 9001 and European railway application EN50126, as well as full implementation and continuous improvement to ensure the Corporation's quality policies and objectives. Main duties include: quality management, coordination with government audits, form management, system assurance, and internal control.

Safety Committee

Ensures the safety of passengers and high-speed railway systems, information security, and protection of personal information. Responsible for keeping pace with internal and external issues and risks relating to operations, planning and promoting policies and strategies relating to safety procedures, obtaining and coordinating relevant operational resources, supervising safety performance and achievement of targets, reviewing responses to and investigations into abnormal events, and following up on corrective measures and improvements to “personnel, procedures, and equipment.”

Occupational Safety and Health Committee

Provides recommendations for occupational safety and health policies and self-management plans; safety and health management plans, measures, and reports; and occupational hazard investigation reports. Convenes at least once every three months and compiles records in accordance with relevant laws and regulations.

Occupational Safety and Health Office

Formulates and promotes safety and health management procedures, and guides relevant departments in implementation of said procedures. Performs identification, statistical analysis, and management of occupational hazards. Plans and implements health checks, health management, health promotion, and occupational disease prevention activities. Establishes occupational safety audit procedures and implements occupational safety and health audits to ensure the effective operation and continuous improvement of various operating procedures.

Operation Safety Office

Responsible for formulating the Corporation's safety management system, management policies and management systems for personal information, safety policies, and safety objectives, and assessing the effectiveness of safety management procedures based on the “Railway Act,” the “Disaster Prevention and Protection Act,” the “All-out Defense Mobilization Readiness Act” and related laws and regulations. Main duties include three main aspects: investigation, operation maintenance, and disaster prevention

Finance Division

Responsible for the Corporation's financial planning and execution, securing of long-term and short-term funds, capital utilization and management, financial risk management, land and share management, general accounting, management accounting, tax accounting and revenue checking, as well as formulation, revision, and implementation of financial procedures; preparation of reports relating to corporate budgets, accounting, taxation, revenues, and business performance; and research on accounting related matters.

Human Resources Division

Responsible for integrated management and planning of human resources, and establishment of related systems.

Information Technology Division

The Information Division is responsible for the planning, development, operation and maintenance of the Corporation's overall information system, including formulation of information development strategies, planning of information system architecture, evaluation and introduction of application systems, maintenance and management of automatic fare collection system, maintenance and operation of computer room host equipment, education and training for information promotion, management of information security, and execution of various information management procedures.

Business Division

Mainly responsible for market research and analysis, planning of transportation business products and services, development and promotion of tourism products, planning and management of affiliated businesses, corporate brand management, communication management, and promotion of other businesses to maximize Corporation revenues.

Operation Division

Responsible for the planning and execution of train maintenance, train operations, traffic monitoring, station management, passenger services, ticketing operations, and trolley sales.

Maintenance Management Division

Responsible for maintenance of core electromechanical systems for rolling stock, track, power, signaling, and communication systems, and maintenance of infrastructure, depot facilities, and station facilities.

Procurement Division

Establishes fair and open procurement procedures to improve procurement efficiency and functionality and ensure procurement quality; establishes procurement policies and strategies; establishes/maintains/manages procurement procedures that are most efficient for Corporation operations and management; develops business sources, suppliers, and management for materials contracts; reduces costs and ensures stable supply of materials; strengthens inventory management for materials; provides contract management and claims management assistance and advice to contract management units; and ensures Corporation interests.

Travel and Business Development Division

Mainly responsible for planning and development of travel products, digital transformation, system integration, digitalization of travel coupons, and other business promotions to enhance diversification of the Corporation's travel packages and products.

System Research Development Division

System Research & Development Division develop technologies and implement to upgrade the core systems of high-speed rail system. System Research & Development Division plan, design, monitor and improve our system facilities.