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Lost and Found

Claiming Procedures

Lost Property Bulletin

Passenger Service Counter at any THSR station provides Inquiry of lost and found property. Also, passengers can inquiry through the THSRC website. Passengers at the station looking for their lost property its associated procedures are as follows:


  • Passengers need to fill in the "Lost & Found Property Inquiry Form" and describe the lost items, including the name, characteristics, place lost and date lost, the owner's name, address and contact numbers.
  • Download the Lost & Found Property Inquiry Form

  Lost Property Claim

  • Passengers need to bring IDs/ passport to the Passengers Service Counter to take the lost & found property. Agents need to provide an entrustment form, the owner's ID card or copies of valid documents. Passengers need to fill in the Form after staff hand the articles over to them.

Handler for those held over six months

The found property will be kept on file in each station where it was found. If the owner does not reclaim the property within six months, the person who lost the item shall lose ownership of the lost property.

Handler for those held over six months

  • Property will be held in the THSRC for a minimum of six months from the day it is found. (The lost property could be inquired the day after the lost day. )
  • For those held over six months, please contact THSR Customer Service Line: 4066-3000
    1. Miaoli areas: 4266-3000
    2. Taitung and Kinmen areas: 4666-3000
    3. Matsu areas and mobile phones: 02-4066-3000
  • The above numbers are non-toll-free numbers, and charges are based on regular domestic and cell phone rates.