Material Indicator and Performance

Sustainability Performance Highlights for 2022


Professional Transportation
  • The punctuality rate is 99.47%, and the average delay time is only about 0.243 minutes.
  • Since the commencement of operations to the end of 2022, the number of casualties among passengers due to traffic accidents is 0.
  • A total of 1,800 sets of turnout inspections were completed, with 8,241 km of routine track inspections and track irregularity inspections completed.
  • 98 disaster prevention and rescue drills (training) were completed.


Innovative Technology
  • The THRSC T-EX mobile ticketing app has accumulated more than 13.04 million downloads.
  • The THSRC's Facebook Fan Page garnered 420,000 fans cumulatively, and the posts on THSRC's Facebook Page reached 30 million throughout the year, with 930,000 interactions on these posts.
  • The average accuracy of Artificial Intelligent Customer Service was 95%.
  • No personal information leakage in 2022


Enhancing Local Connection
  • The “Be There in Your Way” project successfully generated nearly 247,000 tourist visits, with an achievement rate of 113%.
  • THSRC participated in the Taipei International Travel Fair and won the "Best Pavilion Award".
  • The proportion of local services purchased exceeded 90.94%, and the financial procurement exceeded 73.98%.
  • For two consecutive years, THSRC won the first prize of the "Buying Power Social Innovation Products and Services Procurement Award" sponsored by the Ministry of Economy and generated more than NT$ 15 million in procurement in 2022.
  • From 2011 to 2022, THSRC worked with a total of 132 alternative material development suppliers, saving a total amount of nearly NT$3.4 billion.
  • THSRC entrusted China Steel Corporation to develop and manufacture the "Overhead Catenary System Maintenance Vehicle", and the proportion of localized components reached 60%.
  • Cooperated with Taiwan Vehicle Co., Ltd. to develop the "Diesel-Hydraulic Locomotive" to strengthen the train operation incident response capacity, and completed the delivery in December 2022.
  • Promote the "Programmable Logic Controller Turnout Control Cabinet" replacement plan, which is independently designed, developed and produced by THSRC to demonstrate its technical independence.
  • Supported 74 to 80 service sales staff and yielded the local business revenue of more than NT$105 million.


Sustainable Care
  • TTHSRC continued to be selected as a constituent stock of the “FTSE4Good TIP Taiwan ESG Index,” and ranked among the top 5% of listed companies in the “Corporate Governance Evaluation” for five consecutive years.
  • THSRC first issued NT$1 billion of sustainability bonds in 2021, and all the funds raised will be used for green investment and social benefit investment plans.
  • Based on the calculation of passenger-kilometer, THSRC significantly reduced carbon dioxide emissions by 775,059 metric tons compared to passenger cars, which is equivalent to the carbon uptake of 1,922 Da-An Forest Parks.
  • The annual solar power generation of the four maintenance depots and six stations reached 10,543.24 MWh.
  • Collaboration with the National Foundation for Culture and the Arts to create THSRC art program "Formosa Walkman", including train broadcasts with Bunun pre-hunting gun songs as elements, the launch of a limited edition commemorative ticket inspired by retro cassettes, and the installation of a giant glowing Walkman art installation at the station, which is matched with the theme song "Slow and Happy" sung in Bunun Taiwanese and Hakka languages, and a total of around 38 million passengers have experienced various contents of the plan through various channels.
  • TFrom 2015 to 2022, a total of 588 performances under the "THSR ART Together Program" were held, with a total of 17,397 performers.
  • FTHSRC raised nearly NT$159 million under the “The High-Speed Educational Endowment Program”.
  • From 2009 to 2022, the “THSRC Smiling Train Program” provided assistance to 816 disadvantaged groups with a total of 145,479 participants.
  • A total of 3,297 people participated in the “Annual THSRC Winter Outreach Blood Drive” event, with 4,823 units of blood raised.
  • The "HSR Camp" held 12 sessions throughout the year, with a total of 309 young students participating.
  • From 2017 to 2022, the “THSR Museum” attracted a total of 164,505 visitors.

Operational Performance

Indicator Unit 2020 2021 2022
Number of Train Services times 53,076 46,792 54,054
Passenger Volume thousands 57,239 43,460 54,162
Punctuality Rate
(Arrival Within Five Minutes of Scheduled Time,
Including Delays Due to Weather Condition)
% 99.78 99.00 99.47
Reliability Rate
(Including Delays Due to Weather Condition)
% 100 100 99.99
Average Delay Time for Arrival at Terminal Station minutes 0.128 0.287 0.243