Smart Train Operation

Sincere Services and Intelligent Transportation

Through digital transformation, THSRC continues to optimize the "THSRC ITS Smart Railway Services System" to provide passengers with a pleasant riding experience. Improve overall service quality and operational performance through Smart Ticketing Services, Smart Passenger Services, Integrated i-Traveling Information, Smart Train Operation, and Smart Safety & Emergency Management.

THSRC ITS Smart Railway Services System
Easy access to the internet

The THSRC provides high-quality Wi-Fi services, completed the installation of network equipment for all 34 full-vehicle trains in 2018, effectively improving the quality of passengers' mobile communications, and installed Wi-Fi wireless network hotspots in public areas of 12 stations along the line, providing Wi-Fi network services for station passengers, and implementing the THSRC's commitment of "high-speed travel with uninterrupted on-board connection"; As the number of users continues to increase, we will increase the bandwidth of Wi-Fi services, and establish remote monitoring of the Wi-Fi system status of all trains and trains, real-time remote automatic troubleshooting of equipment, and improve the stability of the system. In the event of ineffective remanufacturing, personnel can be quickly dispatched for maintenance to achieve orbital intelligent maintenance services.