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Passenger Guide

Tickets and Fares

  • Please keep the tickets well. Except for the loss of registered Multi-Ride Tickets or Periodic Tickets which may be reported according to Multi-Ride Tickets Guides and Periodic Tickets Guides, THSR shall accept no replacement or refund for lost Tickets. The refund of tickets shall be claimed within the valid period.
  • Reserved seat tickets of Business Car and Standard Car are valid for the specified date and train number. Non-reserved seat tickets are valid for the specified date, but seats are not guaranteed.
  • Passengers who change to ride in cars or trains of higher fare shall make up the difference of fare for pass-through intervals after the change of cars or Trains. Passengers who change to ride in cars or trains of lower fare will not be refunded with the difference in fare.
  • For passengers who need to purchase concession tickets, please bring IDs proving qualification to purchase or pick up tickets. (Passengers under the age of 12 can purchase Child Tickets. Passengers over the age of 65 can purchase the Senior Tickets. Nations who have disabled cards, they and their companion can purchase Disabled Tickets.)※The concessional terms of "public transportation" should be printed on the back of the disabled cards, then the companion shall purchase a concession ticket with 50% off discount. )
  • Do not cross the yellow line while waiting. When the train is arriving, the "warning lights" placed on the platform will light up. Take refuge in the recess area and shout for help if you fall onto the track. Other people, please immediately press the emergency stop button installed on the platform.
  • Due to causes attributable to THSR, a train arriving at the passengers' destination at a time later than the time scheduled for thirty minutes or more, passengers may apply for a refund of the actual fare paid without processing fee within one year from such date.
  • When passengers take trains with tickets, the travel time from the commencement of ride to the end of ride shall not exceed three and a half hours. In the event of a violation, passengers may be additionally charged.

Facilities and Services

  • Business Class: Music entertainment is provided for all Business Car passengers, headphones are available if required. Please return the headphones when departing from the cabin.
  • Toilet: To maintain hygiene, please flush the toilet papers.
  • Breastfeeding Room: Each station has breastfeeding rooms for passengers who have needs of nursery, pumping, and breastfeeding.
  • Sofas, coffee tables, floor lamps, washbasins and baby changing stations are equipped in lactation rooms. Cold and hot water are provided as well. (There is no hot water service on the train. Please complete the required services in the breastfeeding room at the station.)
  • The magazines provided in the breastfeeding room are for reading over there only. Do not carry them out.

Personal belongings / Carried Objects

Passenger's Personal Belongings Notice

assengers shall not exceed 150cm in length per piece, or 220cm in total length, width and height per piece, and 40kg in total weight.

Regulations of Traveling with Pets

No animals shall be carried into the zone of THSR, except any of the following circumstances:

  • Dogs, cats, turtles, rabbits, fishes and shrimps are placed in container with length, width, and height dimensions not exceeding 55cm, 45cm, and 38cm, and such container shall be well secured free from any possibility of leakage of feces and liquid and be placed in front of the seating area without interrupting other passengers or pets escaping from the container.
  • On-duty police dogs, guide dogs, or guide puppies escorted by professional personnel (trainers).

Folding Bicycles should be packed in Bike Carrying Bags

Passengers can carry folding bicycles packed in carry bags which sizes are under the limit of the carry bags, and the folding bicycles should be placed in the Luggage Spaces at both ends of each car.

Musical Instrument Carried by Passengers

In the event, a musical instrument carried by a passenger exceeded the limit for the size of a carry-on for passengers, but its height, width, and length are less than 200 cm, 40 cm, and 70 cm, it can be carried on board and placed on assigned seat. The passenger shall purchase a full fare ticket for such instrument.

Passengers who are allowed to carry the musical instrument will be arranged to sit at the first row of seats of the reserved cars. If the kind of seats on the train that the passengers intend to take are sold out, the passenger should take the next one.

No dangerous goods, trolleys without a brake, inflated balloons, poultry, and pet birds.

No Explosive/Flammable/Volatile/Radioactive/Toxic/Oxidizing/Corrosive/Infectious Materials & Other Dangerous Items/Non-medical compressed gas cylinders.

Train Riding Etiquette

  • Smoking is prohibited in the on-board trains. And please do not chew betel nuts in the train.
  • Please do not eat smelly food on the train.
  • Please switch any phone or electronic device to silent mode and talk in a low voice during calls.


For more details, please refer to the instruction pages of Guidelines for Passengers of Taiwan High Speed Rail Corporation