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Ticket Gate and Clearance

Notice the green arrows; these indicate that you are on the right side of the gate and can walk through. Notice the red signs; this is for passengers coming in the opposite direction.
Notice the signs on the fare gate and follow the instruction to walk through the ticket gates via inserting the magnetic ticket into the slot or touching the 2D Barcode Scanner or the Ticket Sensor with the mobile ticket, the convenience store ticket, the periodic ticket/multi-ride ticket, EasyCard co-branded credit card,or the iPass co-branded credit Card.

How to Pass through the Gate

THSR Magnetic Ticket
THSR Magnetic Ticket

Insert the ticket into the slot.

Mobile Ticket and Convenience Store Ticket
Mobile Ticket and Convenience Store Ticket

Touch the 2D Barcode Scanner.

EasyCard co-branded credit card/ iPass co-branded credit Card
EasyCard co-branded credit card/ iPass co-branded credit Card

Touch the Ticket Sensor.

Each ticket gate area sets at least one barrier-free gate for passengers with wheelchairs or with bulky luggage to pass through. The barrier-free gate is different from the standard gate. The width is increased from 70cm to 110cm, and the height is reduced to 68cm from 83cm. The design is convenient for the wheelchair passengers to pass through.

For safety reasons, passengers with an accompanied child shall let the child go in front of the adult.


  • Please insert the ticket inversely. The arrow should point in a manner of inserting. After passing, please obtain the ticket and the door would open.
  • If you encounter any problem, please contact the station crew.
  • If you have large luggage or children following, please allow your children to pass first to prevent any accident.
  • The physically challenged, pregnant women, the elderly, children, passengers with limited mobility or with bulky luggage, could request help from the staff to pass through the gates.