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iPass Co-branded Credit Card

Scope and Notes

Definition of Terms

  • iPass Co-branded Credit Card: This card is a chip card which can be used as a credit card and an iPass Card. The credit card issuers (hereinafter referred to as the issuers) issue the co-branded card in cooperation with the "iPass Corporation".
  • Automatic Add Value Service: Passengers can use Add Value Machine to add value to their co-branded iPass Card Wallet. Customers do not need to sign for confirming the interaction, taking receipts, or paying any fees. 

The method of Use

  • Passengers can use the enabled automatic value added co-branded iPass Card (Debit iPass is not available) to touch the sensor machine for passing through the gate, but it is not allowed to purchase the other types of tickets or to pay the excess fare with the iPass Card.

Applicable identity

  • Adults may use the co-branded iPass Credit Card. Children less than the age of 12, adults above the age of 65, passengers with physical or mental conditions and their companions, should purchase discounted tickets.
  • THSRC would limit the use of co-branded iPass Credit Card for the crowds' traffic congestion control on the situation such as the distribution of the consecutive holidays.
  • Before using co-branded iPass Credit Card to take trains, please refer to "THSRC Electronic Farecards Guide."(only Chinese version) "Any other matters not set forth hereof shall be subject to the "Implementation Guidelines for Passenger Transport of Taiwan High Speed Rail Corporation".

Fare Calculation

Co-branded iPass Card is a registered card carrying a deposit value. Regular fare of the non-reserved seat ticket will be charged when the passenger uses the co-branded iPass Credit Card to pay for the cost of transportation.


Co-branded iPass Credit Card will deduct the fare from the balance according to the records of the card when the passenger passes through the exit gate by touching the sensor machine. If the account shows a negative balance, the system will add value in units of $200 or $500 NTD to complete the minimum amount of fare (ex.: less than $1,415NTD, the system will add $1,600 or $1,500 NTD automatically) through auto-debiting your account.

Ticket Transaction Record

  • Passengers may download the ticket record from THSRC Website. Partial Ticket Records only provide Chinese version services.
  • Passengers can query the latest interaction history of the co-branded iPass Credit Card through the Website and Travel Information Inquiry Machine in the stations.