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Services and Facilities


Passenger Service Counter

Passenger Service Counter provides transfer consultation services, broadcasting, lost-and-found services, facility guidelines, and cares for passengers, etc..


Transfer Information

Some THSR stations provide THSR Shuttle Bus, Taxi Service, Car Rental Service, and Parking Services.


Free Wireless Internet & Charging Station

THSR stations provide Free Wireless Internet. Passengers can use station computers or personal mobile devices to access WiFi. 110V plugs and USB plug-ins are also provided for passengers to use.


Multi-purpose Conference Room

THSR Taichung Station has Multi-purpose conference rooms for passengers to rent. Free WiFi, computers, projects, audio equipment are provided in the conference rooms. Contact us for more details.


Health Care Room

Professional nurses are stationed in the THSR stations to help deal with medical emergencies.



Security Office is situated near the Passenger Service Counter to help passengers and station crew deal with emergencies.



Sinks, soap dispensers, hand dryers, and baby changing stations are equipped with station toilets.Moreover, baby seats are equipped with assessable toilets. THSR trains have women-only toilets.


Drinking Fountain

Drinking fountain is equipped with stations to provide cold water. Cold drinks are provided to sell at Car 1, Car 6, and Car11 in the trains.



Monetary telephone sets are equipped with the paid area, unpaid area, and platforms at stations.


Breastfeeding Room

Breastfeeding rooms are equipped with THSR stations for passengers to use. Passengers who have needs of nursery, pumping, and breastfeeding are welcomed to use. Sofas, coffee tables, floor lamps, washbasins and baby changing stations are equipped in lactation rooms. Cold and hot water are provided as well.


Baggage Storage

Baggage storage services are provided and charged in THSR stations


Restaurants and Shops

There are vending machines, station shops, THSR markets, dining car services in the THSR stations and trains. Drinking waters are not provided in the trains. Passengers can buy drinking water with dining car services or prepare drinking water before traveling.