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Purchasing Ticket from Convenience Stores

THSRC partnering convenience stores are the best neighbors beside you.

THSRC Partnering Convenience Stores

At present, our partnering convenience stores are 7-ELEVEN, FamilyMart, Hi-Life and OK Mart; passengers can purchase THSR tickets at the ticketing system of the convenience stores mentioned above. (New partnering convenience stores will be announced separately)

Services Information

Service Category

  • Reservations, Payments, and Collection of Tickets
  • Check, Payment and Collection of the Reserved Tickets
  • Refund of the Convenience Store Ticket
  • Check for ticket fares.
  • Check for vacancy
  • Business Car Seats Modification Service

Collection of tickets Service Time

  • Purchasing the tickets: Passenger can make reservation, payment, and collection of tickets in 24 hours.

Cancellation of tickets Service Time

  • 7-ELEVEN, FamilyMart
    • Cash payment ticket: AM 07:00 ~ PM 11:00
    • Credit Card / UnionPay payment ticket: 24 hours
  • Hi-Life, OK mart
    • Cash payment ticket: AM 5:00 ~ PM 11:00
    • Credit Card/UnionPay payment ticket: 24 hours

P.S. Not every convenience store can provide service following the above operation hours.
Please visit the station ticket sales window directly at least 30 minutes before departure if the chain stores can't provide the services.
Due to maintenance or other situations, it may suspend 24 hours refund service for credit card or UnionPay card. Please keep notice on the announcement.

Ticketing and Notice

Period opens for booking

The system provides reservation for the train which departure date is no more than 28 days later. Nevertheless, on the travel day, the on-line reservation is only applicable to the train which departure time is no less than 30 minutes before train departure. (If the opening hours need to be adjusted due to force majeure, THSR will make additional announcements.)


Types and Numbers

  • The service provides reservations of reserved seats, including Adult Tickets, Child Tickets, Senior Tickets and Disabled Tickets.
  • A maximum of 10 tickets permitted for each booking, for return tickets, a maximum of 5 tickets can be booked at a time.
  • Note:
    • Senior or Disabled Tickets can be purchased only by the passengers having ID Cards of R.O. C.
    • Reservations of Group Tickets or Accessible Seats shall refer to the ticketing regulations.

Notice for Payments

  • After completion of booking is made at the convenience store ticketing system, the system will print out the payment slip and ticket collection notice. Passenger must take the payment slip to the convenience store counter and make payment within 10 minutes, failure to do so will result in cancellation of the transaction, and the passenger will be required to perform the booking procedure again.
  • If the passenger has obtained a booking number from THSRC online booking or T Express system, the convenience store system can be utilized to make payment and collect the ticket. Passengers could also make payment via electronic convenience store payment barcode produced by T Express and get physical tickets for your trip. Convenience store payment barcode expires in 10 minutes. Passengers could follow the same procedures to get the new one  after  about 15 minutes if payment barcode fails to be utilized or produced. Not every convenience store provides the above services. When making payment, the convenience store will charge a handling fee of NT$10 per ticket.
  • Convenience store ticketing system will not allow more than 2 payment barcode slips to checkout at the same time. The rule is suitable to paper or electronic slips. Customers should checkout one slip and then deal with the next one sequentially.
  • The convenience store counter accepts passengers' payments by cash or any other means accepted by the convenience store.


Notice of Ticket Collection

  • When making payment, the convenience store will charge a handling fee of NT$10 per ticket (Round trip ticket will be charged for two tickets.) After payment of ticket fare and handling fee at the convenience store counter, the passenger will receive the THSR ticket directly.
  • When you collect tickets at the convenience stores, please make sure that the format and the numbers of tickets are correct. If you find the convenience store tickets not match the format, not have clear print, or not be trimmed off, you should ask the convenience store staff to provide the right tickets.
  • If the passenger has booked through the THSRC online system or T Express or Interactive Voice reservation system , he/she can make payment and collect tickets at the convenience store ticketing system with an ID number (foreign passengers please produce passport number) and booking records. (Since Senior Tickets and Disabled Tickets require ID documents as proof, please present relevant documents such as ID or the mentally/physically disabled handbook when collecting from our partnering convenience stores.)
  • If passengers face with service interruption due to any unforeseen circumstances while purchasing/collecting ticket at the THSR partnering convenience store, please follow the instructions by the clerk to complete the ticket collection process. Failing to do so, no refund of the purchased ticket will be given.
  • Passengers who hold the Senior Ticket, the Disabled Ticket, and the College Student Ticket to take trains should take the valid documents for inspection.
  • Please take note of passenger's departure time and complete ticket collection procedure in advance; if passengers are unable to collect the ticket on time and miss the originally booked train, no refund will be given. The refund of the handling fee when the tickets are collected at the convenience stores will not be accepted. Those who wish to change their rides or take seats in cars that have higher fares or who can't present correct ID as the proof for taking discount tickets shall pay up the full price, and will be charged an additional penalty fee of 50% of the fare difference.
  • The sample of the THSR convenience store tickets issued from 7-ELEVEN, FamilyMart, Hi-Life, OK Mart look as follow.

Example of paper tickets

Business Car Seats Modification Service

  • "Modify Seats" can only be used for Business Car passengers. For every reservation, it is allowed to select seat(s) once for every single trip. (If the reservation includes round-trip tickets, it is allowed to choose seats once for each trip.)
  • It is not allowed to change partial number of seats, and the seat(s) cannot be resumed to the original seat(s) after being changed.
  • This service is not applicable for the day of departure, or the number of available seats is less than the number of tickets required, or for the reservation which the ticket(s) has been issued.

Ticket Changes

  • Convenience stores do not provide change ticket services. Applications of ticket changes should be completed at least 30 minutes before departure at the station ticket sales window, or you may apply for your ticket refund and purchase again at the convenience store.

Ticket Refunds

  • For passengers who purchase tickets from convenience stores, you may apply for your ticket refund at the convenience store or any THSR Station at least 30 minutes before departure. No late applications will be accepted.
  • The system can accept the entire or the part of the refund of one booking. If passengers want to change their booking, please apply at any THSR Station at least 30 minutes before departure. (Also, if any convenience store ticket of the same booking record has applied for the change of the trip at any THSR Station, other tickets cannot use the system to apply for the refund. Please apply at any THSR Station at least 30 minutes before departure.)
  • For passengers who purchase tickets from convenience stores, you may apply for your ticket refund at the convenience store with a handling charge of NT$20 per ticket (including refund fee NT$10 and the service fee of convenience store fee NT$10). You may request a ticket refund at any THSR Station without paying a refund fee due to weather or other exceptional circumstances announced by THSRC.
  • When you request a ticket refund at the convenience store, the handling fee that had paid at the convenience store will not be given.
  • If you purchase tickets by cash or debit card, the refund will be done in cash. If you pay the ticket fare by credit card, then a handling charge of NT$20 will be requested. The original ticket fare will be returned to your credit card account. It takes 7-15 days to make the cancellation (exclude holidays and weekends).
  • The convenience store or any THSR Station ticket sales window will take back the ticket that has applied for the refund.
  • When you apply for the cash refund, in case of cash shortage of the convenience store, to protect the rights of both parties, please make sure to keep the refund receipts, invoices, and other documents. Also, please make an appointment of taking money with the convenience store.

Other Notices

  • The Senior Tickets and the Disabled Tickets which are reserved by THSR Voice Reservation System cannot make payments/ collect tickets through the system. You should apply at the station ticket window.

Ticket Transaction Record

  • Passengers may download the ticket record from THSRC Website(Homepage/Tickets and Fares/E-Ticket Record). Partial Ticket Records only provide Chinese version services.