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Group Ticketing

  • For groups with 11 or more passengers, whose departure/arrival stations, date of departure, train number and cabin type are identical, and all travelling together, they are eligible for purchasing the group tickets.
  • Group tickets are charged at 95% of full fare. There is no discount if the number of full fare passengers is less than 11.   Passengers who are eligible for purchasing preferential tickets or discounted tickets may only claim benefit from one and not multiple discount options.
  • In order to serve the mid/long haul passengers, no group ticket discounts will be available between Nangang and Banqiao sector.
Group Ticketing
  Station Ticket Window Online
Booking Method All THSR stations Group Travel Online Request
Passengers can purchase tickets at any station Ticket Window. Passengers can fill out the online form.
Booking Time Depending on the opening hours of the station Ticket Window. more details 09:00-17:30, Monday ~ Friday
(if booking is made outside the aforementioned time or during national holidays, it is considered booking on the next working day).
Unless further notice by THSRC, tickets can be booked 4 weeks prior to date of departure (including day of departure) to the date of departure. Unless further notice by THSRC, tickets can be booked 4 weeks prior to 1 day before departure date.


Notices for Group Ticketing

In order to provide passengers with expedient ticketing service, and to ensure the required itinerary is booked correctly, THSRC reminds passengers to take note of the following :

  • Passengers, who booked group tickets through online or fax service, please make remittance to designated account within 3 days of receiving our booking confirmation number. If the notification date is within 3 days of departure, please make payment before our notified time, otherwise the booking will be cancelled. After receiving remittance, we will contact you to confirm your booking. Please bring the passport of the group representative to collect the tickets on the designated date at the designated station.
  • Any changes to the group ticket train number, cabin type, departure date, segment or discount identity shall be based on the group as an entity. The change should be completed at least 1 day before the date of departure; the first change is free of charge. For changes not completed on time or for further changes, tickets will be refunded and repurchased, and handling fees will be charged.
  • For refund of group tickets due to cancellation of itinerary or reduced number of passengers, the procedure must be completed at least 2 hours prior to the time of departure, a refund handling fee of NT$20 per ticket will be charged, no late application will be accepted. If the number of passengers does not qualify for group ticket after reduction, the remaining tickets shall be supplemented for the fare difference of regular tickets.
  • Groups applying for change or cancellation of itinerary, please download the form Application for Group Alteration ( PDF or WORD ) and fax to +886-2-8725-1398, where our dedicated staff will process your application. For groups which have already obtained tickets, when intending to apply for change or cancellation of itinerary, please bring all group tickets to the station Ticket Window for processing, those with proof of purchase, please also bring it along.