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  • In order for passengers to understand their rights and obligations, as well as the matters to be noted during travel, the Company hereby issues the following guidelines for passengers (the "Guidelines") based on the Company's "Passenger Transportation Contract", the Railway Law, and the relevant rules promulgated. Unless otherwise provided in the internal rules of the Company, or under the laws and regulations, the passenger transport agreement shall be deemed to be made when the passenger has paid for the Ticket and the Company has undertaken to provide the transport services to the ticket holder.
  • Any other matters not set forth hereof shall be subject to the Implementation Guidelines, the Multi-Ride Guides and Periodic Tickets Guides, in addition to relevant notices posted in the Stations. In the event of doubt, please directly contact the station passenger service counter or visit the Company's website for relevant information. Any matters involving passengers' rights and interests not set forth hereof shall be governed in accordance with relevant laws and regulations, customs, and the principles of reciprocity and good faith.
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